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Day 3 Panel: Policing the Net: Authentication July 31, 2006

Posted by Griff Wigley in Budapest symposium.

Friday’s panel on Policing the Net: Authentication featured (L to R, click to enlarge):

IMG_30921w800.jpg IMG_309711w800.jpg

Dr Philip Seltsikas, Director Information Society Technologies Group, University of Surrey Global Initiatives in Identity Management

Brian Woodford, Director Public Sector UK and Ireland, Tata Consultancy

Julia Glidden, Managing Director, 21c Consultancy Ltd

Ravi Singh, CEO of ElectionMall Technologies, USA The Seal of Authenticity for Official Government Websites

Stephen Chandler, Vice President, EDS

Sylvia Archmann, Seconded National Expert, European Institute of Public Administration, Austria



1. Cllr. Gavin Ayling - August 1, 2006

This was one group in particular that needed more time, though of course I am sure we could all have managed several weeks discussing this subject!

Ravi Singh and Dr Philip Seltsikas’ comments were particularly interesting and anyone interested in verification of identities, particularly during election time, should contact Election Mall…

In the long term one of my main concerns is the necessity of holding IDs which, one need not say, are a contentious issue in the UK at the moment. The speakers were reassuring about the ownership of identity remaining with the citizen rather than by the state/government. While this would be the ideal, I strongly suspect optional sharing of ID will be compulsory in one way or another. Either by explicity compulsion or by necessity of service use.

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