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Vote for the happiest-looking group July 26, 2006

Posted by Griff Wigley in People, Photos.

A. happygroup5.jpg B. happygroup6.jpg C. happygroup7.jpg

D. happygroup2.jpg E. happygroup8.jpg F. happygroup1.jpg
G. happygroup3.jpg H. happygroup4.jpg
Which of these groups of people at tonight’s Symposium wine reception looks the happiest to you? (Click to enlarge.) Attach a comment with your vote and include their names if you know who they are.

The group with the most votes after a week gets their very own blog entry, with names included. Yes, this is partially a ploy to give you experience in attaching comments to a blog entry. But do it anyway!



1. Griff Wigley - July 26, 2006

I vote for the three women in photo C. They laughed the most when I took their picture, too.

2. Lasse Berntzen - July 27, 2006

Re: Picture G
I can not cast a vote for myself, but we certainly had a good time. From left (me): Lasse Berntzen, Vestfold University College, Norway; Christoforos Korakas, Access2Democracy, Greece; and Daniel van Leberghe, Politech Institute, Belgium.

3. Griff Wigley - July 28, 2006

I’m delighted you added a comment, Lasse… and introduced yourself to me this morning. Don’t forget: my hometown of Northfield has a very deep connection to Norway via St. Olaf College. Use it as an excuse to visit!

4. ShaneMcC - July 31, 2006

My vote is with group B. They obviously have good dentists too. Wonderful smiles.

5. Griff Wigley - July 31, 2006

Good choice, Shane. And they’re quite smartly dressed, too!

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