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The Public Forum Institute in Baltimore August 6, 2006

Posted by Griff Wigley in Baltimore symposium.

The Public Forum Institute was a partner for the Symposium and in Baltimore, they took over all the tech tasks for all the presentations.
IMG_3212.JPG IMG_3224.JPG IMG_3221w800.jpg
L to R: Jonathan Ortmans and Mark Marich, Mark and Jeff Jendel, and Jonathan. Click photos to enlarge.

IMG_31761.JPG logo_tpfi.jpg
They also deployed their eForum audience response system which, as described on their website,

“… transforms audience members into fully engaged participants, enabling them to make a valuable contribution throughout the course of our forums. Forum participants are given wireless, handheld units to anonymously respond to questions posed throughout the day by speakers, moderators, panelists, or each other. Results are immediately tabulated and displayed on monitors or screens for all to see – providing instant citizen feedback for policymakers and timely statistics for reporters covering the forum. Keypads help the Forum turn a dry, one-way flow of information into a dynamic back-and-forth between hundreds or even thousands of motivated participants.”

Next week I’ll have audio of the session in which Jonathon moderated using the eForum technology.



1. Mark Marich - August 6, 2006

Griff, Thanks for the plug! We had a great time and left quite energized. Let’s hope our paths cross again… until then, good luck with the street light.

2. Griff Wigley - August 6, 2006

Hi Mark, ’twas good to meet you and your colleagues… keep up the good work of fostering public deliberation. And yes, we’ll need some luck on that traffic light… which, in another 9 months or so will be two blocks from our new condo in downtown Northfield.

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