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Conference Engagement July 27, 2006

Posted by dylanjeffrey in Commentary, Reflections.

dylan_jeffrey.jpgWell so far everything seems to be going very smoothly. We lost two speakers at the last minute who have been replaced with another two very late but incredibly able substitutions. The conference organising team is working really hard and full credit goes to Susie Ruston for organising them all so well. The team is Alice Chicken, Kerry Westwood, Justin Lee, Fraser henderson, Maria Pryor and Alan Winchcombe – if you bump into any of them over the next few days, they are the ones helping to make the event such a great success.

Everyone appears to be enjoying the event, catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones. The sessions too have been some of the most informative and stimulating of any event I have attended in many years. On the social side, much food has been eaten and much wine and beer has been drunk to accompany long debates on the political e-universe and where we need to be steering the Great Ship H.M.S. e-Participation and Local Democracy. I think I was one of the last to bed managing to make it into bed at well after 3 a.m. – so congrats to anybody who made it afterwards and also attended the first session the next morning at 8:45 a.m. when Mayor Jules Pipe from Hackney was nothing less than brilliant as a speaker.

By the way, check the photos out on this page done taken by storming Wriggly Wigley to check out who’s here and spot the sad person attending (so far I have not found a single one!)

Dylan Jeffrey



1. Michel Monette - July 27, 2006

Thank you for the audios. Will we have the texts somewhere on the site of the Symposium? Idem for Baltimore? I am a citizen who try to understand what Information technology can do for a better, or unfortunately a worst, democraty. May I suggest that next time your commercial partners help the organization to have a live coverage (Webcast) of the sessions.

2. Susie Ruston - July 30, 2006

All presentations from the speakers will be added to the Symposium Website by the end of August. If any one else has any great ideas for next years Symposiums please don’t hesitate to contact me at susie@21cConsultancy.com and I’ll make sure these are recorded for the 2007 planning. Thanks!

3. Laura Sommer - August 16, 2006

A note of appreciation from a wintery New Zealand to Dylan and his team for the ICELE symposium at Budapest.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet with e-participation specialists from the different countries. I have been working on the New Zealand e-government participation project for some time and have watched the UK Local e-Democracy project with interest. While I can continue to use the Internet as an excellent source of information on this huge topic area, it is enormously helpful to have conversations with other people who are also working on e-participation and e-democracy.

I didn’t regard it as a blogging conference but more an opportunity for us to work as an international community to exchange knowledge, lessons learned and consider and debate ideas.

The ICELE weblog with podcasts, photos and posts has also been a useful communication tool that I can refer for my work colleagues and other New Zealand contacts.

Thank you for enabling this exchange to happen and I look forward to continuing contact as our respective interests in this area progress.


4. Michel Monette - August 17, 2006

There are some critical concerns about the electronic democracy that must be adressed by the «e-participation and e-democracy international community». This Symposium could have been a great opportunity to exchange with those who are bringing these concerns to the public places all around the world (on e-vote you have Bev Harris, Brad Friedman, Pierre Muller, Amilcar Brunazo Filho, just to name some of them). To me, it looks like car vendors generously sponsoring a symposium on car accidents. The fact is that universities and governments are too much tied with commercial interests.

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