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Aspiring to the Global Possibilities August 6, 2006

Posted by Griff Wigley in Audio, Baltimore symposium.

Jonathan Ortmans, President of Public Forum Institute, led participants through a process of identifying what is possible for the e-Democracy field for the future, specifically: “What could we do together? What should we be aspiring to achieve?”
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3 minutes, 27 seconds

Participants at each table (see photos below, click to enlarge) discussed for 3 minutes what they felt was the most important issue for the future of e-democracy and then reported that to the entire group. Listen to the audio of the reports:

6 minutes, 2 seconds

The entire group then voted on these 9 items, using the Public Forum Institute’s eForum audience response system with the wireless, handheld units that I described in an earlier blog post.

The top vote getter was #6: Greater initiative, energy and engagement by citizens.


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