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News faces, new questions at the Baltimore Symposium August 3, 2006

Posted by Griff Wigley in Baltimore symposium, People, Photos.

These are some of the people who attended today’s Symposium who were not in Budapest last week. They were among the many asking questions of the speakers and panelists. Click any photo to enlarge.

If you see yourself or know who these people are (I do know some but I’d appreciate the help!), attach a comment with their/your name and organizational affiliation with a web address, if possible. Include the identifying letter of the alphabet.

A: IMG_32421.JPG B. IMG_3193.JPG C: IMG_3194.JPG D: IMG_3196.JPG E: IMG_3201.JPG F: IMG_3219.JPG G: IMG_3256.JPG H: IMG_3265.JPG I: IMG_3254.JPG J: IMG_3243.JPG L: IMG_31951.JPG M: IMG_32001.JPG N: IMG_32031.JPG O: IMG_32551.JPG P: IMG_32451.JPG Q: IMG_3318.JPG

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